Self-directed Support

This week we ventured out to the west coast with WEA Scotland and Carr Gomm to film a handful of people that have chosen to receive care through Self-directed Support (SDS).

Following a day's filming in Oban, our skipper and his beautiful Border Collie took us across to Lismore, an island with a modest but growing population of around 200 people.


On arrival we were greeted by a farmer turned taxi-driver who dropped us off at Liz's house. Liz is a survivor of Thalidomide poisoning and has limited use of both her arms. While this affects Liz's independence, she remains active and resilient in her retirement, with plans to circumnavigate Lismore's 28 mile coastline on her pedal powered kayak.

Through the guidance and support of Community Contacts at Carr Gomm, Liz was recently enabled to employ a local Personal Assistant (PA) called Eva to help her out with various tasks and activities in and around the house.

Eva, who lives a short walk away, joins a growing band of PAs contracted by someone in their neighbourhood to provide routine support and companionship. For Liz and Eva, this often involves assistance with the housework and a chat over a home-cooked meal.

The short films that Melt are producing with the Personal Assistants Network Scotland and Community Contacts will talk about the stories of several Personal Assistants and the people that they support.