Crofting in North West Scotland

We’re just back from an inspiring few days of filming around Ullapool with the very warm company of the Scottish Crofting Federation (SCF). 

We are producing a short film about SCF’s new programme of education for 2016-19 and another film introducing their vision and role.


Rural depopulation, availability of land to convert to crofts, and the withdrawal of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) funded by the European Union paint a stormy picture for crofting as an industry and way of life. 

Yet crofting is an alternative to the plugged-in cities that most of us call home. It’s a life spent mostly outdoors (very often in the rain), that builds your physical and mental endurance in equal measure. Resilience, human spirit, friendship, family, community and a determination to exist all combine to make crofting an inspiring symbol of defiance.

Where it lacks in financial reward, crofting delivers in fresh food and friendship. So if you want to learn a practical set of skills, from sheep shearing to horticulture, why not give it a shot?