A journey without a map

In June we joined a lively WWF-backed study tour of Uganda to learn about the evolving role of plantation forests in supporting local and national economies to fulfil sustainable development goals, while creating a buffer for more vulnerable indigenous forests. 

While documenting the tour we produced A Journey Without a Map, a short film exploring the interplay between small outgrower foresters, communities, multinationals and NGOs as they embrace a tradition that may hold the key to preventing total forest loss.

With half the population under 20 years old, Uganda has an insatiable pride and optimism about where it’s heading as a country. As its population reaches tipping point - how it’s citizens and leaders will funnel that energy and hope is something we wanted to learn more about.

The film has already screened to policy makers at the UNEP headquarters in Nairobi during the Global Landscapes Forum in August. After some brilliant exposure on the UNEP Twitter feed, please keep an eye on the WWF IGTV channel for the digital launch of our film in December, along with social media friendly edits hitting your Instagram feeds soon.

There’s a lot we couldn’t squeeze into our edit - including our encounter with a humble Pastor and nursery owner who gives tree saplings away to his 400-strong communion each week... However we're confident that we’ll be back to do these inspiring examples of humanity and innovation justice, as Uganda attempts to lead itself away from the total loss of forest projected for 2050.